We record the message every Sunday and post it online, typically before 5pm each Sunday. We do not include the music, for licensing reasons, but we do hope that you will take advantage of our online audio.

The best way to listen to the weekly Podcasts is either through iTunes on your computer, or a dedicated Podcast player on your mobile device. There is a variety of apps available, depending upon your device and operating system. There are links to a few different options below.

You also can listen directly from this page using the Podcast widget. Just click on particular date, and the audio should start playing directly through the page.

iOS (Apple) Podcast players:

Android Podcast players:


We do not currently record video of our services, but we do provide links to many of the videos we produce at the church or otherwise use during worship. You can find some of those videos below or you can follow our Vimeo channel to see our videos.