Connection Community Church has been growing and evolving since our first service in 2001: First we worshiped in a small portion of our current rented building. Then we renovated a much larger space, adding the sanctuary and classrooms. In 2007, we purchased 27 acres just north of Middletown on Route 301, planning to build our new worship home on them.

It’s been a long 10 years of designing that worship space, time that has been filled with roadblocks and hurdles. In the interim, Connection has expanded further in our rented space so that we now fill the entire building of 13,000+ square feet. We tore down a wall and added the loft space for additional sanctuary seating. We had a short-term campaign to raise $100,000 to transform warehouse space into the Garage, complete with stage and sound/video equipment, for our children’s and youth ministries.

That investment was just one of many for God’s kingdom: Connection raised $48,000 in two months for our sister church, Carmel Community Church in India, to buy property for a school. We’ve funded a cabin at Pecometh Camp and Ministries in Maryland. Connection worshipers have served fixing homes after natural disasters and building homes locally with Habitat for Humanity.

We have worshiped in the local fire hall and — for large holiday gatherings — at Redding and Meredith middle schools. For a time we held remote worship services in a hotel in Dover.

Connection is about connecting people with Jesus and the new life He offers and we will do that every way we can.

Now we are excited and awed by God’s omnipotent power to remove roadblocks and hurdles, clearing a wide path forward into our new worship space on those beautiful 27 acres.


Connection Community Church is in the final planning stages of building a new worship center on the 27 acres just north of Middletown that we purchased in 2007.

We are working with PHB, Inc.-General Contractors to design and build a larger and better-laid-out church that will enable us to maintain and expand our current ministries.

The new building features an open lobby, larger sanctuary, and improved gym/Garage. It has a dedicated office space with a conference room, classrooms for nursery, youth and adult uses along both sides of the building, and a kitchenette.

This building is designed with future expansion in mind: Both hallways of classrooms can be removed and then added on the exterior of the building, enlarging the sanctuary. Other possible future plans could include a kitchen, multipurpose room, expanded offices and additional classrooms.

We hope to develop the acreage around the church to include ball fields and walking paths.

We are excited about this permanent space for Connection Community Church. God is good!


This project has been blessed by God in amazing ways:

  • In 2006-2007, Connection’s Lead Team began praying over where our new home should be located. God led the group to the property on Route 301, but another buyer had a contract on the land. That contract fell through and CCC was able to purchase the land.
  • The land was appraised at a lower value than the purchase price. The seller agreed to the appraised value/price.
  • At closing, Connection was being asked to pay three years of interest rather than the two years we’d been expecting and prepared to pay. The bank representative said “Who am I to argue with God?” and changed the requirement back to two years.
  • From 2010-2016, Connection was blessed to work with architects Martin Dusbiber and Jack Pepper as we considered Connection’s needs for a facility and designed a building, but also ministered to Jack and his family when he graduated to heaven.
  • Verizon relocated telephone poles for free, a savings of about $50,000.
  • We are not being required to build a sidewalk (to and from nowhere!) along the front of our property, a savings of $30,000.
  • DelDOT removed the requirement that we relocate the two transmission gas lines that run alongside the road, which would have cost nearly $1 million dollars.
  • Connection’s NOW capital campaign raising $1.3 million towards the project.
  • When bids on the project came in at more than $5.5 million, value engineering and redesigning by our builder, PHB, has enabled us to reduce costs by $1 million.
  • Financing with a new bank is projected to fill another $800,000 gap while keeping debt at a responsible amount.
  • Connection families have the opportunity to be part of the next miracle as we sacrificially give to ensure that the church has enough funds at closing. We need roughly $300,000 to finalize the construction loan and already have commitments from the Lead Team and Building Team of $126,000. Join us in being part of Connection’s most recent miracle!

Rise & Thrive Town Hall Video from January 29, 2017

Rise & Thrive Short Film


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